Certifikát pro Ukrajinu
Certificate for mobile boiler rooms for Ukraine
Certifikat MK Ruská Federace
Certificate for mobile boiler rooms for Russian Federation


ISO 9001
Certificate ISO 9001


Opravneni plyn
GAS DEVICES erection, repairs, revisions, testing

C – gas filling devices incl. pressure stations
E – gas pressure reducing devices
F – gas distributing device
G – gas combusting device (without power limitation)

Opravneni elektro
ELECTRICAL DEVICES erection, repairs, revisions, production of switchboards

A – up to 1000 V, 100 A

Opravneni tlakove nadoby
PRESSURE DEVICES revisions, testing

A, B – stable pressure vessels

Automatizacni technika
AUTHORISATION in the field of building environment (HVAC)